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Aquastrength at ProSwim!

 Here at ProSwim, our trainers are equipped with the knowledge and practical experience to run Aquastrength Classes and training sessions. All ProSwim Instructors have attained appropriate Aquastrength Instructor Certification. Call us today!

ProSwim has access to the wide range of programs catering to people of all ages and abilities.  Our trainers can also design specialised programs to meet your customised needs and training sessions requirements 

Aquastrength equipment can be used by all ages and fitness levels. It is currently used by elite level athletes and professional sports teams around the world and is a great way to transition your workout to the pool and experience all the benefits that come from working with Aquastrength.

Aquastrength for Everybody!

The Aquastrength system is the aquatic workout solution for everybody,  regardless of age or level of fitness. The equipment is designed to employ the fluid properties of water to provide smooth resistance in all directions. The harder you push, the harder the workout, meaning you can use the same piece of equipment to step it up or down depending on your personal fitness level.  Simply kick things up a notch and speed up your movements when you are ready for a more challenging workout. The equipment is designed to keep up with you, - and no need to upgrade the equipment as your fitness level increases. BARGAIN!

Aquastrength equipments' lightweight design makes it easy to carry out of the water and just 3 pieces of equipment work every muscle group in a safe and efficient manner.

Aquastrength - The Ideal Workout!

Aquastrength equipment is ideal if you're looking for a new and exciting training regime. The Aquastrength system can help you:

..develop a new and effective method of cross training.
..recover from an injury even when it may be too soon to do so out of water. stay motivated with a new and exciting way to train.

Keep your fitness schedule fresh with a variety of different programs and options that cover everyone and every goal.  A quick 15 minute HIIT workout? Maybe a 60 minute full body workout? You decide! You will find no limits and you will never get bored.

Aquastrength Timetable

Monday 1.15pm

Tuesday 7.45pm

Wednesday 6.15pm

Thursday 12.45pm

Payment Options



Classes are available but bookings are essential. Get in touch now to secure your sessions.